The Pleasure Measure Issue

Surprise surprise! You might have been wondering where our CLARA Vol. CIII went missing, and here it is! Featuring the steamy lady of the current, Nikita Mirzani, on the cover, this “PLEASURE MEASURE ISSUE” expresses the curiosity of why being honest on what makes us happy is taken by our society as something really really really bad at times. We didn’t stop there, all other stories in this issue will also help you take a deeper understanding of “staying true to yourself”, and how it can bring you wisdom. Wait! Or maybe, it’s time to rediscover your true-self? Besides, Nikita Mirzani bares it all off here, isn’t that what we want?

Ps: Remember, there’s a thin line between controversial and phenomenal. You know which one we are.



Teks: Andreas Winfrey
Video: Syifa Fachrunissa
Music: Drown Me feat. Rayssa by Arrio


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