The Millennials Issue

You know you can never get enough of the Millennials, just like you can never get enough of CLARA. This time, we’d like to invite you to hop on the spaceship of the moment, fly high with the now people, and feel the crazy, care-free, tech-savvy, complicated, and daring life of the happiest generation of all. The young and fresh Saffron Llewellyn looks mesmerizing on our newest cover, being the great representative of the Millennials Generation. Here, we pay such a special early tribute before anyone else later in the future, to the people who will take the world by storm. You know about the youngsters. They might not be anything you want them to be, but to them we’re going to handover this world. What can you say? In the young, we trust. Feel intrigued already?



Teks: Andreas Winfrey
Video: Syifa Fachrunissa


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