The Fashion Memorial Issue

The arrival of March supposedly marks the birth of Spring/Summer collection, yet some of the big Fashion Houses already made their collections available right after the fashion show in September last year. This phenomenon rises a critical question, “Is fashion dead?”. Fashion, like any other type of art, fuels on creativity and idealism. However, it seems to us like fashion has lost the battle with commerce and consumerism. The situation now only shows how doubtful the high fashion industry is toward its own future. Why does the queen of the game dip its toe into the fast-fashion pool?

The discussion is not only among us, inside our Volume CVIII, we invited some people from the fashion industry to raise their concerns and also optimism on the future of fashion. Or should we say the funeral of fashion? Whatever it is, with clothes draped on top of an old chair, we bid adieu to the world we always love.



Video: Syifa Fachrunissa


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