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Memiliki tiga pekerjaan sekaligus bukanlah hal yang mudah. Terlebih ketika masing-masing pekerjaan memiliki tuntutan yang berbeda. Roger Mooking tak hanya dikenal sebagai chef, tapi juga sebagai TV host dan musisi. Kedatangannya ke Jakarta kali ini untuk menghidangkan makanan bagi para pemerhati kuliner dan menceritakan kisahnya dalam menciptakan suasana kreatif di setiap pekerjaannya.

What inspire you to become a chef?

I was interested in it and I knew when I was three years old that I wanted to become a chef, it’s very early and I just always knew. I’m the third generation, food and beverage in the family so I just came up with it and I am always interested in it.

You’re also a musician, what comes first, becoming a musician or a chef?

I knew it when I was three years old that I wanted to become a chef, but around 15 or 16, I started to do music and food at the same time. I worked in the restaurant and I took all my money from the restaurant and went to the studio and then back and forth, back and forth. Now I kinda do both, sometimes I do more food, sometimes more music.

Does the food inspire you as a musician?

I think all creativity inspires me, I mean I look at your magazine (CLARA) and I see interesting images. Sometimes, an image like that will spark an idea for food or song or sometimes if I’m walking down the street; I went to Barcelona a couple days ago and when I was walking down the street, the energy, you feel a different vibe and that inspires you. You know it is important for you as a creative person to have an input, also an output. So sometimes the output is food, sometimes the output is music, all I need is an inspiration.

Is it difficult for you to maintain all of your jobs at once, including TV host, chef, and also musician?

I mean it is more difficult than to only have one job, eight hours a day and I go home. It’s more difficult than that but I like to do all of it, I can spend hours and hours doing it.

Which profession do you like the most? Chef, musician, or TV host?

I don’t know, I don’t think I can answer that, they’re all too different. They feed each other, I think if I didn’t do one, the other will suffer. Because you’ve got to focus on only one thing. I have family, on a practical level I have to feed my family, on a creative level I use creativity to feed my family. There’s a period where I only do music, what happened after a few years when you started out it’s all good but the more successful you’ve become, the deeper you get, it’s become very political. It’s not that it’s not fun but you have to turn this music into a business that creates money and because of that, your creativity become less and you have to focus on how to make money out of it. Right now I don’t need just music to live, I don’t need just the TV show to live, I don’t need just a restaurant to live, I don’t need whatever else to live. I got a little bit from here, a little bit from there, and it allows me to be creative. Because I don’t care if it falls apart, I have these. It allows me to be creative and it’s a great thing.

Teks: Syazka Narindra / Foto: Rizki Mashudi

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