Don’t Say You Love Me,
If You Don’t Really Know Me!

For the past 10 years going, CLARA has been
known as a reference and source for the cutting-
edge, luxurious, driven souls. Today, we are
proud to have made partners with respected clients
that later became our best friends. Maybe it’s true,
friendship is about seeing the same
dimension, sharing the same obsession, and
heading to same direction.

What’s next?
It’s always the question in our minds.

We want you (yes, you!)
to be the first to hop on to the spaceship.
Let us take you to the future.
CLARA requests the honor of your presence at


Exclusive Luncheon

Wednesday, 26th of April 2017
11am onwards

Ristorante da Valentino
MD PLACE, 11th Floor,
Jl. Setiabudi Selatan No. 7,
Jakarta Selatan

Click here to RSVP!
It’s the first step to the future.

Strictly for 1 (one) person.