The Alter Ego Issue

How are you feeling today? A little better than yesterday? Or a little worse than tomorrow? Yes, we want to know! As we close the book of 2016, we are ready to open a new page of 2017. But wait, shall we not talk about the new you in the new year? Don’t you know it’s always a new you every day? You’d better throw all your resolution shiz to the closest bin right now. Regardless our age, we realized that finding our true-self is a never-ending journey that is more important than merely fulfilling your never-fulfilled resolution list. It’s time to get out of your comfort zone, and let the world see the another you! Both sides of beautiful and talented Violette Wautier of Thailand is gracing the cover of our very last issue of 2016, which is also the very first one of 2017: “THE ALTER EGO ISSUE”, photographed by the amazing John Tods. Closing and opening the year, Ms. Wautier tells us about a lot of things you’ve never known about her before. So welcome on board! Please fasten your seatbelt as we are ready to take you fly high again to the moon and back. Now you know when we said we were about to take the world by storm, we were being serious about it, and we are on our way! Sawasdee kha!



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