The Art Talk Issue

In case you missed the train to the ‘current affairs’ station, here is CLARA telling you what’s hot. One, even a single, simple, short word has a power to build or destroy a nation. Two, good communication is simply a wordplay. And three, no one plays this game better than those who work in the media industry. We dwell, we fight, we laugh, and we party in the ocean of words. We invite people to talk; We make the others listen. We make people be seen; We let the others see. We influence people to move; And we also make them feel. Featuring our very own editorial team on the cover, CLARA Vol. CV “THE ART TALK” Issue will give you a glimpse of insiders’ truth of what happens in the media society, where the art of talking is the most important thing. Despite who are on the cover, let this be a symbolic tribute to those who know the right way of how to talk, what to talk, when to talk, where to talk, and why to talk. Whoever you are.  We all know our tongue is fire, so shall we learn how to dance with fire?



Video: Syifa Fachrunissa


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